How Does Ice Melt Work?

With ice and snow right around the corner here in Maryland, you may be interested in using a de-icing product to help remove snow and ice from your driveway and walkways. There are several options available to you, whether you use a de-icing service or de-ice yourself. Let’s look at some of the de-icing products […]


Our Winter Services

When fall comes to an end, many homeowners think that their outdoor maintenance is done until spring. This is simply not true. Let’s look at some of the winter services Vin’s Total Care Landscaping offer, and talk about how you could benefit from them. Preparation Getting your yard and flowerbeds ready for winter isn’t a […]


Is Your Lawn & Garden Ready? Winter is Coming!

With winter right around the corner here in Catonsville, Maryland, there are some things you can do now to help prepare your lawn and garden for the harsh weather ahead. If you want your lawn and garden to look great next spring, taking some precautions now can help maintain your beautiful property. Let’s look at […]


Fall Lawn Clean-Up

Few things are more gorgeous in nature than the stunning golden orange leaves of fall. Nature puts on one last beautiful show before going to sleep for the winter, and we get to wonder at it all. What is not so wonderful however, is the yardwork that accompanies nature’s show. Weeding, preparing flowerbeds, and of […]


Aeration and Overseeding in Catonsville, MD

With fall right around the corner the last thing you are probably thinking about is lawn care. You are probably breathing a sigh of relief that your mowing days are almost over and excited you can relax. But, despite the reduced amount of cutting and care your lawn will need over the fall and winter, […]


Landscape Design Tips for Maryland Home-owners

Maryland presents a unique environment when it comes to planting a new or improved landscape. Here are some of the basic tips and tricks from your local Catonsville, MD landscaping service on how to create a great landscape for your yard this year. Use Native Plants The biggest advantage to using plants native to Maryland […]


Why Sharp Mower Blades are Important

While mowing your lawn may seem like a straight-forward task, there are a surprising amount of finer details which can really help your lawn thrive. One example is your lawn mower blades. These are the part of your mower which cuts the grass; and if your blades aren’t sharp it can make a world of […]


Should I Pick up Grass Clippings?

We’re sure you’ve had this discussion once or twice before with your father-in-law or neighbor down the street. Should you pick up your grass clippings? The answer isn’t simply cut-and-dry; there are times when leaving grass clippings is a good idea and others when you definitely need to bag those grass clippings. Why Should I […]


Mowing Tips from the Pros

Mowing a lawn is a more complex process than many believe. If you go about mowing the wrong way, you can seriously damage your yard. Lawn mowing tips from the professionals can help you develop the right strategy for keeping your grass in good condition. As any Columbia, MD lawn mowing service can tell you, […]


Spring Landscaping Design Tips

Looking to build a new landscape, or want to rework an existing one? Here are some spring landscaping design tips that will help you take that otherwise unsightly area of your yard and turn it into something truly amazing. Plant in Odd Numbers When planting larger plants such as perennials, trees, and shrubs, be sure […]


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