Maryland Landscape Maintenance

We tailor our services to your needs. If you have limited knowledge in maintaining your property or simply need manpower, Vin’s Total Care Landscaping can help.

All landscapes look beautiful at the moment of the grand reveal, but how about a year later? Plants grow and change every season, which means some degree of regular landscape maintenance is required to keep your landscape looking the way it was designed to look. Vin’s Total Care Landscaping can take care of all of your landscape maintenance needs including but not limited to:

Flower bed weed removal and cleaning

If you need to have your flower beds spruced up for Spring, Summer, or any other time of the year, then we’re here to help you. Our expert landscaping maintenance will ensure your flowerbeds are cleared of weeds and cleaned up to look their best.

Bush, hedge, shrub, and tree trimming

Keeping your bushes, shrubs, hedges, and trees trimmed is essential for a tidy yard. Not only that, but a good trimming will even help them stay healthy! Our staff understand the needs of all plants for the best landscaping maintenance in Catonsville, MD.

Pruning and deadheading of perennials

Pruning your perennials is essential to ensure that they continue to thrive and return year after year. Like tree trimming, pruning your flowers is important for their continued health, which is why hiring a professional landscaping maintenance team in Catonsville, MD is essential for your yard.

Mulching beds

Mulch is one of the most important elements in gardening. Whether you’re growing perennials, shrubs, or any other lovely plant, having the right mulch will make all the difference. However, there are many different kinds of mulch and choosing the right kind for your home is best left to the professionals. Here at Vin’s Total Care Landscaping, we have the expertise and the supplies to ensure your mulch is perfectly suited to your garden’s look and needs.

General landscape cleanup

If your landscaping is looking a little messy, then we’re ready to step in a clean it up. We’ll clear out the weeds, pick up branches, and handle any other minor landscaping maintenance your yard may need.

Brush removal

If you have brush encroaching on your beautiful yard, then Vin’s Total Care Landscaping is your partner in fighting back! As a leader in landscaping maintenance in Maryland, we can address any type of brush that might be threatening to blemish your yard.


If the levels in your yard aren’t where you want them, we can readjust. By re-grading parts of your yard, we can terraform your landscaping into what you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re looking to add some interesting topography, or you’re looking to tone it down, we can help.

Junk and trash cleanup/removal

Is there junk or trash cluttering up your yard? Sometimes getting rid of large junk items can be challenging, but we’re happy to get rid of it for you when we visit. We want to leave your yard looking its best, which means we’re ready for anything.

Storm water management

Though rain can be good for your flowers, it can also cause some serious problems for your yard. If you have flooding or runoff causing problems around your property, your landscaping can help. We offer complete stormwater management solutions that will mitigate the issues you may have with excess stormwater.

Storm water restoration

Has stormwater caused damages on your property? We can handle that too! To learn more about how we address storm water restoration, or about any of our other services, contact us today!

We Tailor to Your Needs

Each landscape is different; different types of plants and shrubs will have different maintenance requirements. Some landscape designs will need to be attended to frequently, while others can last a while between their maintenance sessions. If you have limited knowledge about caring for your outdoor plants, Vin’s Total Care Landscaping can help.

We will explain each of the landscape maintenance services we recommend and why they are necessary. Some of it you might be able to do yourself if you don’t mind yard work, and for the rest you can always rely on your preferred Catonsville landscape maintenance company. Just remember, household scissors are not meant for pruning! Our teams carry their own professionals tools that make the job faster and easier without damaging your plants and your investment.

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