4 Landscaping Ideas for Your New Patio

It’s only right that your beautiful brand new patio should be surrounded by equally beautiful landscaping. Are you unsure of how you want to decorate your patio’s surroundings? We’ve found 4 popular landscaping ideas that you’re sure to love for your new outdoor space. 

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Create a Border

What’s the best way to separate your patio from the rest of your lawn? Create a border! This can be done by planting flowers and shrubs. Have a landscape designer in Maryland work with you to find the best way to create a border between your new patio and the rest of your outdoor space. They might suggest using:

  • Mulch 
  • Specific kinds of flowers
  • Maryland specific shrubs 

Add Natural Elements

Incorporate more of nature into your patio’s landscaping! Do you want to see green when you’re relaxing on your patio? If so, incorporate green plants and shrubs throughout the space. Do you want more shade? Adding the right tree to your patio area is a great solution. Do you want your patio to sound relaxing? A water feature is great for that. There are plenty of other things you can do to make your patio seamlessly blend in with nature. 

Make it Colorful

If you really want to get creative, you can coordinate the color of your landscaping with your patio. You can enlist the help of a Catonsville landscape designer to help determine which plants will look best with your patio. Some bright native Maryland plants that you can consider are: 

  • Petunia ‘Night Sky
  • Cardinal Flower
  • Celosia ‘Intenz’
  • Blue Mist Shrub
  • Blue Sedge or Caryopteris

Add Some Privacy 

If you have close neighbors or want your house to be hidden from wandering eyes from the street, consider adding trees and tall shrubs. It’s a great way to naturally create privacy. You can plant popular Maryland trees such as:

  • Dogwood
  • Eastern Redbuds
  • White Oak 
  • Sugar Maple

If you’re leaning more towards shrubs to add additional privacy to your patio, popular choices include:

  • Privet
  • Boxwood
  • Holly
  • Barberry

We’re the Catonsville Landscaping Gurus 

Vin’s Total Care Landscaping can help your new patio, and the areas that surround it, look and feel beautiful. We’ll work with you to create the patio space that all of your friends and neighbors will envy. Don’t wait, call or contact us today to improve your outdoor living spaces with our Maryland landscaping services! 

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