Are You Having Problems with Erosion?

If you’ve spent time and money on your home’s landscaping, only to have erosion threaten all of your hard work, it can be very frustrating. Erosion is inevitable, but there are some things that can be done to help slow down the process and protect your landscaping.

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But what is erosion exactly, and how can you deal with it? Let’s look at how erosion happens, why it impacts you, and what you can do to protect your landscaping.

What is Erosion?

Erosion is the natural process of earth moving from one location to another as the result of the elements, such as wind or water. When wind, snow, ice, or water wear away at the dirt and rocks in a particular area that material is then carried away, often exposing roots and rocks that were previously underground. Erosion happens most often around bodies of water, but can happen anywhere.

What Causes Erosion?

As stated above erosion is caused by wind, water, and even gravity, but some areas are more prone to erosion than others. Heavy rains can cause erosion in low lying areas where water accumulates, as well as streams and rivers that rise and fall with the amount of rainfall. Disturbed ground can also be at a much higher risk for erosion because it is looser and more easily carried off by rain or wind. The ground around a new home, for example, could more easily erode because the dirt has been loosened.

How Can You Protect Your Landscaping?

Erosion can become a big issue for homeowners who have spent time and money perfecting their landscaping. Certain types of foliage are better for preventing erosion, such as plants with wide-spreading roots that can help hold the earth together. Adding strategically placed rocks to your landscaping can also help prevent erosion by redirecting water flow during a rainstorm. Gutters can also play a big role in how water leaves your property so having your gutters checked and redirected is another way to prevent erosion around your landscaping.

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If erosion has become a problem on your property and is impacting your landscaping, contact us at Vin’s Total Care Landscaping today to discuss some possible solutions for your yard. We can come up with a plan to reduce erosion in your yard while protecting your beautiful landscaping. We offer landscaping and land grading in Catonsville, MD and surrounding areas and we’d love to help you keep your yard looking pristine!

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