Avoid Invasive Species in Your Landscaping

When selecting the plants you want in your landscaping it can be tempting to choose exotic and dramatic plants to really make a statement. But not all plants are created equal when it comes to landscaping in Maryland.

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Some more exotic plants can become problematic in landscaping, causing lasting problems for homeowners and the neighbors around them. Let’s look more closely at what an invasive species is, and why it is important to stick with native species in landscaping.

What Are Invasive Species?

Invasive species are plants (and animals, insects, etc) that are not native to a given area. One popular example of an invasive species is the Lionfish which was introduced into the Caribbean and has done significant damage to the coral reefs. Another well known example of an invasive plant species in the southern United States is Kudzu, a vine that has been known to cover entire fields and buildings. Some of these plants can be harmless to the new ecosystem, while others can be very damaging.

Why Do They Matter?

In many cases invasive species overrun the native plants and/or wildlife in the area where they are introduced because they lack any natural predators. In the case of plants these species can bring diseases with them that can kill off native species to the area. In some cases invasive species can also spread dramatically and kill off native plant life by simply growing over it and stealing its nutrients.

What Plants Should I Use?

So why does this really matter to the average homeowner? By avoiding invasive species in your landscaping and using native species instead you can help prevent the damaging effects of invasive species. By using native plants you can support the local ecosystem from the ground up. Native plants benefit the soil, the other plants nearby, the insects, and the animals. Rather than disturbing the natural habitat your landscaping can encourage a healthy environment.

If you are looking to update your landscaping and aren’t sure which plants will help support the environment, contact us at Vin’s Total Care Landscaping today. Our team of experts can help you design a yard that is both beautiful and good for the environment. We are a landscaping company in Catonsville, MD with years of experience and a thorough understanding of the native ecosystem. Give us a call today to get started!

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