Best Plants to Weather the Winter Chill

Don’t let winter keep you from a beautiful landscape! There are plenty of cold weather-friendly plants that you can add to your yard and garden to keep your home’s exterior looking bright and lively all season long.

Winter berries covered in frost

Plants & Flowers

Holly ‘Alaska’ (Ilex aquifolium) – A holly with spiny, small, olive green colored leaves. Can be clipped into tight shapes or left to form into a conical bush.

Winter Aconite (Eranthis Hyemalis) – The warm winter sun invites aconite to open its bright yellow globes. Great for decorating tree bases or planting on grassy banks.

Nepalese Paper Plant (Daphne Bholua) – Waxy pink flowers with lavish foliage. This plant is known to flower in January and requires good soil where the sun can reach it easily.

Rosebud Cherry (Autumnalis Rosea) – Produces frilly, pale pink blossoms and will flower from November until February. Very easy plant to grow in winter.

Oregon Grape ‘Winter Sun’ (Mahonia x Media) – Bright lemony-yellow flowers atop spiny, smooth foliage. These fragrant flowers will light up areas with shade in early winter.

Dogwood ‘Midwinter Fire’ (Cornus Sanguinea) – Pink, shot-silk, and orange twigs that imitate the vision of a flickering bonfire. Plant in winter sun.

Skimmia ‘Kew Green’ (Skimmia x Confusa) – Mounds of evergreen foliage with conical heads of white-ivory buds. Will flourish in shady spots as well as sunny.

Fruits & Vegetables

Herbs – Chives, dill, basil and parsley are great to plant indoors on windowsills for use during the winter months.

Salad Leaves – ‘Winter Gem’ and ‘Arctic King’ are winter hardy salad leaves that can be sown in the colder months under cover or in a greenhouse.

Berries – Strawberries, raspberry canes and blackberries can all be planted during the winter for crops of delicious berries come spring and summer.

Some additional plants that do well in winter are: Plume grass, Bayberry, Winterberry Holly, Birch trees, Canadian Hemlocks, and Viking Black Chokeberry.

Quick Tips for Winter Landscaping:

  • Dormant months are idea for pruning and trimming your perennial plants.
  • Have dead trees removed prior to the winter season.
  • Keep leaves off your lawn to prevent snow mold and dead spots.
  • As spring nears, get a head start by installing bulbs in well-draining and elevated plant beds.

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