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With fall right around the corner the last thing you are probably thinking about is lawn care. You are probably breathing a sigh of relief that your mowing days are almost over and excited you can relax. But, despite the reduced amount of cutting and care your lawn will need over the fall and winter, fall is the perfect time for have your lawn aerated and overseeded.

What does aeration and overseeding mean exactly?

Let’s take a quick look at what aeration and overseeding is, and why it would benefit your lawn in Catonsville, MD.

Catonsville aeration and overseeding service

What is Aeration?

Aeration is a process that loosens the soil under your grass using a machine designed to disturb but not damage the soil. Over time your soil becomes compacted from rain and use leaving your grass’ roots without proper aeration, drainage, and water flow. In addition to better water flow and drainage, aeration also allows for fertilizer to be more effective. By having your grass aerated you allow the roots to breathe while also giving them better water flow, resulting in a healthier looking, fuller lawn.

What is Overseeding?

Overseeding is a process where new grass types are introduced to your lawn. After your lawn has been aerated new and different seed is sown to help your grass grow thicker and healthier. Overseeding also helps prevent disease or insect problems with your grass, by introducing new types of grass alongside your current grass. In addition overseeding will leave you with a thick healthy looking lawn that is less likely to grow weeds because the grass is thick enough to choke weeds out.

Why Should I Have my Lawn Aerated and Overseeded?

Aeration and overseeding is an easy way you can make your lawn look like a million bucks, without hours and hours of fertilizing, weeding, and care. By aerating, you maximize the health of your grass. And by overseeding you prevent insect and disease damage, reduce weeds, and make your lawn more aesthetically pleasing.

Fall is the best time to aerate and overseeding your lawn, and is the perfect time to prepare your grass for next summer. If you are ready to aerate and overseed your lawn for fall, give the Catonsville lawn care company, Vin’s Total Care Landscaping, a call today! We proudly serve in the Catonsville, Maryland area and would love to discuss your lawn and your needs with you!

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