Common Lawn Problems in The Summer Months

Summertime is a great time to head out into the yard and soak up some vitamin D. If your lawn is looking a little crunchy and brown, then you may need to adjust your maintenance plan.

To help your yard return to maximum health, you need to first determine what is causing the problem. Let’s look at some common problems with your lawn in the summer months, as well as some ways to combat them.

Common Lawn Problems in The Summer Months

Lack of Water

This is especially common in the months of July and August, when the days are longest and hottest.

When your grass doesn’t get enough water it will turn brown and stop growing as an attempt to preserve it’s life, so that once the rains resume it came come back healthy and strong. To prevent this, regular watering is and important part of maintaining your lawn. Additionally, fertilizing the grass and keeping weeds under control will help your grass as healthy as possible.

Pet Urine

Another common lawn problem is pet urine. This cause is easy to diagnose because you may find patches of brown grass in your yard where your dog likes to urinate. To prevent this simply rinse off the grass in that area to dilute the urine. You can also encourage your dog to drink more water throughout the day; it will help to dilute the nitrogren in their urine. There are also products available for your furry friend to help neutralize the acidity of their urine, making it less harmful to your grass.

If you have spots in your yard that seem beyond repair, you may need to reseed those areas and block your pet from returning to that spot.

Lack of Maintenance

Summer is hard on your grass, and without the proper care, it can suffer. Good maintenance is key in ensuring that your lawn looks its best.

Aerating and overseeding each fall can help your grass come back healthier and fuller in the spring. The healthier your grass, the less susceptible to drought it will be.

Another culprit is over mowing, or cutting the grass too short. During the hot days of summer mowing becomes a chore, and many homeowners will cut their grass too short thinking they will have to mow less frequently. In reality, this just damages the grass and makes it more susceptible to drought.

If you have brown grass, or brown patches, and you aren’t sure how to maintain your yard and get it looking healthy again, we’d love to help! At Vin’s Total Care Landscaping we can help you keep your yard in tip top shape. We are a landscape design company in Catonsville, Maryland that is dedicated to keeping yards lush and beautiful all year long. Give us a call today to discuss your lawn!

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