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Despite the frigid temperatures here in Maryland during the winter months it is still the perfect time to start planning out your spring garden! Beautiful, perfect gardens take time and planning, but there are some simple things you can keep in mind when determining what you’d like to incorporate. Let’s look at some tips for designing the perfect garden that will add to your beautiful home and last for many months.

A grouping of climbing roses

Plan Out Spacing

One of the biggest things to consider when planning out your garden is spacing. Do you have just one of two flower beds to work with or do you intend to extend your garden throughout the yard? Consider adding some beds throughout the yard spaced out from each other to elevate the appearance of both your home and yard. Having garden beds throughout the yard can bring it all together while adding interest to your home’s curb appeal.

In addition it is important to plan out plant spacing within each bed, or around the house. If you want to incorporate pants that will grow significantly from year to year it is important to plan ahead and allow space for them to grow.

Incorporate Natural Features

Adding natural features to your garden can be a great way to take it to the next level. Boulders can be a great addition to large yards and provide an anchor for garden beds that aren’t against the house. Likewise large existing trees can be a great anchor for a garden bed.

Within a flowerbed natural features such as stone can add to the beauty while also offering good drainage for certain types of plants. Using stone along the edging of a garden is also a great way to create a natural, flowing barrier between the mulch and the grass.

Use Complimentary Plants

Once you have determined where you’d like your gardens and what general layout you’d like it to have, it is important to pick plants that work well together. Not only is it important to select plants that vary in appearance to create a diverse and attractive garden, but it is also important to select plants that require similar care.

When choosing plants make sure they will do well in that area of your yard. You may love two types of plants and want to put them together, but if one takes full sun and the other full shade, you are setting yourself up for failure. The same can be said about the water needs of the plant. Mixing desert plants with lush plants needing daily watering may look nice, but neither plant will do well in the long run.

Think About Maintenance

And finally, when planning your garden think about the amount of time you realistically have for maintenance. Hiring a landscaping company is a great way to maintain your lawn and new gardens, but you still need to take daily care into consideration. Choose plants that fit with your lifestyle so you can spend more time enjoying them and less time caring for them (or replacing them).

At Vin’s Total Landscaping we are proud of the beautiful lawns and gardens we create and tend to. We’d love to help you design the perfect garden for your tastes and your needs. If you are in need of a landscaping company in Catonsville, Maryland give us a call today. It is never too early to get started on your dream garden!

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