Fall Lawn Clean-Up

Few things are more gorgeous in nature than the stunning golden orange leaves of fall. Nature puts on one last beautiful show before going to sleep for the winter, and we get to wonder at it all. What is not so wonderful however, is the yardwork that accompanies nature’s show. Weeding, preparing flowerbeds, and of course raking. Let’s look more closely at some fall lawn projects that can help you have the best yard year round.

Fall Lawn Clean-Up


One area that needs some attention in the late fall is your flowerbeds. Many summer plants and flowers need to be cut back to prepare for winter, to ensure they come back strong in the spring. By taking some time to properly prune the different plants in your flowerbeds, and pulling any unwanted weeds, you can keep your flowerbeds looking tidy while also preparing them for a good spring.


Raking is the most dreaded fall task for many people. If you live in an area with a lot of trees, raking can take days. And once you do rake up all of the leaves, you don’t always have somewhere to put them. Raking your lawn will help protect your grass, and will prevent it from losing sunlight. For many years homeowners thought the leaves would protect their yards from the harsh snows of winter, but this is not the case. Piles of damp leaves will keep your grass from getting the sunlight and air it needs. Alternatively, you can mulch your leaves using your lawn mower, making them small enough and spread out enough that they won’t damage your lawn.

Aerating and Seeding

Another lawn care project that is often overlooked is aerating and seeding, which optimally should be done in the fall before winter. Aerating turns up your soil and helps grass get the nutrients it needs. Seeding helps fill in thin areas of grass while also introducing new species of grass, which helps protect your lawn from disease. By aerating and seeding your lawn in the fall, you are setting it up to come back strong, lush, and beautiful in the spring.

If your outdoor task list for fall is too long, or you simply don’t have the time, contact us at Vin’s Total Care Landscaping to discuss our fall yard cleanup services. We offer landscaping services, leaf cleanup, and aeration and seeding services. Whatever your lawn needs to keep it in tip top shape, we’ve got covered. Call us today to discuss your fall lawn clean-up!

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