Landscape Design: Planning Ahead in 2020

With winter well underway here in Maryland, you may not be thinking much about your spring landscaping, but planning ahead is an important part of having a great yard come spring. Whether you want a unique and intricate landscaping design, you are incorporating hardscaping into your yard, or you just want your yard to look perfect as soon as the snow melts and the ground thaws, planning ahead is essential. Let’s look at some reasons why it is so important to plan ahead. 

Working With a Landscaper

By planning ahead for your landscaping needs in 2020 you can find and begin working with a landscaper who can get you on the schedule and begin working with you to plan out your landscaping design. By starting early, you and your landscaper can come up with the perfect design for your yard and get started so that your yard looks great as soon as possible. By finding a landscaper early in the season you can also rest assured knowing your yard will be taken care of. 

Adding and Moving Plants

When planning your landscaping with your landscaper, you can also decide what plants to add, remove, or relocate. Plants are easier to move and relocate while they are dormant in winter and very early spring, so by planning ahead your landscaper can make your yard look fabulous using plants you already have. Likewise, adding new plants during the late winter and early spring will give them more time to get established before late spring and summer. 

Finishing Hardscaping Ahead of Time

If you plan to add hardscaping, such as a patio or pathway to your landscaping, then you’ll want to plan ahead and have that done before it is time to add landscaping. By planning your hardscaping and having it finished ahead of time, you’ll be sure to have your yard looking perfect as soon as the cold weather breaks. 

Plan a Better Landscape in 2020 with Vin’s Total Care Landscaping

Planning ahead and working with a landscaper early in the year is a great way to set your yard up for success in 2020. Whether you have complex landscaping design ideas or you plan to add hardscaping to your yard, getting started earlier is sure to make spring and summer more seamless when it comes to your landscaping.

For help with landscaping design in Catonsville, MD, contact us at Vin’s Total Care Landscaping. It’s never too early to plan, and we’d love to get started on your dream yard today!

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