How a Hardscape Contractor Can Spice Up Your Property

Hardscaping is a beautiful way to add value and design elements to your property. Hardscapes resist droughts, complement the architectural styling of the structure, and impress your guests. Spicing up your property should be fun. To that end, there are a few things a hardscape contractor can do that increase your property’s value and enhance your standing in the community.

Hardscaping for your front door

Retaining Walls for Safety

While a retaining wall can snake across your property, it also holds back sloping soil. Maintaining your property doesn’t need to be boring, though. Creating a retaining wall using brick, railroad ties, or stone helps match the personality of the property.

For example, your rustic cottage can use railroad ties or stone, but a brick Cape Cod should have a matching brick retaining wall.

Winding Garden Paths and Sidewalks

Walking around your property is a lot more fun if you build garden paths or sidewalks from patterned pavers or stone mosaics. You can choose the colors you prefer, and the path can move in any direction you like.

Yes, you’re adding value to the property, but you’re also making it a nicer place to be.

Hardscaping paths with Vin’s Total Care Landscaping

Outdoor Dining Areas and Patios

Outdoor dining areas and patios are “must haves” for most homeowners, restaurants, bars, delis, and the like. A simple patio with beautiful bricks or a patchwork of stones is more inviting than a concrete slab. Plus, your winding walkways and sidewalks can begin or end at the patio.

Lawn and Garden Edging

Some home or business owners prefer to keep a simple little garden. Wrapping a garden around the postbox or near the front door adds a bit of pastoral charm, and edging the garden with stones makes it look even better.

Spread the Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is a simple and attractive base material for hardscaping across your property. You can create stepping stone paths with the pavers we mentioned above and surround the stones with pea gravel.

A new driveway looks beautiful when it’s made up of nothing but pea gravel, and you can replace large patches of grass with gravel. Gravel paths can also cut through spaces where you allow large shrubs to grow without much pruning.

If you have drainage issues around the property, you can use stones and gravel to build French drains to redirect water flow. These simple additions are especially helpful if you regularly experience flooding in the basement or crawl space.

Frame It With Wooden Fencing

They say good fences make good neighbors, but a good fence can also bring your hardscape design together. If you invest in a massive hardscaping project, the right fence can enclose the design, align with your aesthetic, and add intrigue to the property.

A beautiful gate welcomes guests to your home, or it offers entry to your mystical backyard. Additionally, a fence requires very little maintenance — keeping with hardscaping’s greatest attribute — it doesn’t require much work to enjoy it.

Think Outside the Box

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when planning a hardscaping project. Ask your contractor if you can bring in additional elements that add to the ambience you’re creating on the property.

If you have a swimming pool, it can become part of your hardscaping plan with the addition of outdoor showers. A storage shed stands out and remains functional. You can even include an outdoor kitchen to match your patio or dining area.

Outdoor lighting calls attention to the design, and you might include accent furniture that makes the property feel cozy and comfortable.

Hardscaping around your home with Vin’s Total Care Landscaping

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