How to Improve Your Landscape this Season

Spring is here, which means that it’s time to get your home in order after the cold winter. There are probably plenty of things you’re planning to do to make sure that your home’s exterior looks its best.

pre-emergent weed treatment

At the top of your list should be redesigning your garden bed and treating your lawn with pre-emergent herbicides. Take a look at why these things should be landscaping priorities for your home this season!

Redesign Your Garden

A fresh plant installation is the first thing every homeowner should do at the start of spring. Flowers are a great way to add vibrancy and color to any lawn or garden. A new plant installation this spring will add aesthetic appeal and, if you choose to plant fruits, vegetables or herbs, some tasty home-grown treats.

To decide on the plants you’d like to install in your garden, ask yourself what you currently like about it and what it potentially could be missing. Take a look at other people’s gardens either in your neighborhood or online and note things that you’d like to incorporate into your own. Knowing exactly what you like and getting inspiration from others will help you convey your vision to your Maryland landscaping company.

Use Pre-Emergent Weed Treatment

Equally as important as making seasonal additions to your lawn is protecting your landscape from unsightly and invasive weeds. You don’t want to wait for them to appear to take action so it’s vital to take steps to ensure they never appear in the first place. This is why using pre-emergent weed treatment is vital for your lawn.

The key to applying pre-emergent weed treatments to your lawn is timing. It should be first applied when the soil warms. The exact timing for when this occurs varies from year to year in Maryland, due to the somewhat unpredictable nature of weather each season. You don’t have to worry about weed treatments negatively affecting your plants, as there are herbicides that are formulated to only kill certain kinds of weeds while leaving other plant life alone. Your Maryland landscaper can help you determine the best pre-emergent weed care for your lawn.

Ready to Improve Your Landscape?

Get your lawn in order this spring with Vin’s Total Care Landscaping. As a Maryland landscaping company, we know what it takes to create a beautifully-designed lawn that is sure to have all of your neighbors in envy. After we’ve sculpted your lawn, we’ll make sure it’s protected from weeds and provide you with information on how to keep it maintained in between services. Call or contact us today to get started on your gorgeous new lawn!

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