Landscape Design Tips for Maryland Home-owners

Maryland presents a unique environment when it comes to planting a new or improved landscape. Here are some of the basic tips and tricks from your local Catonsville, MD landscaping service on how to create a great landscape for your yard this year.

Landscape Design Tips for Maryland Home-owners

Use Native Plants

The biggest advantage to using plants native to Maryland is that they have adapted to the unique climate, rainfall, and even local soil conditions. They have likely also developed a working relationship with local insects and other plants.

Some great examples of local native plants include the Christmas fern, cardinal flower, and the Blackhaw. For larger, native trees, the best options are the white oak, the sassafras or the sour-gum tree. You can check out a more detailed list of native plants here. A good Maryland landscaping service will know what works in the local soil and what doesn’t.

Know Your Environment

Maryland typically experiences slightly more rainfall than the rest of the country and slightly less snow. Winters can dip down to the 20s and summers can hit the high 80s. Climate is an important factor in choosing plants for a garden. This makes native plants an even easier option. If you have your eye on some none native plants, be sure to take a look at the hardiness zone.

The hardiness zone was developed by the USDA to assist in determining the survival of planted crops. It is still effective even when it comes to your home garden. Most of Maryland is located within the 6a to 7b range. It is very important to choose plants that fit into this category, because they will have the greatest chance of survival. Some examples include aster flowers, bell peppers, hydrangeas, and rosemary.

Make a Landscape Design

Starting from the beginning with a landscape design plan will make the finished product looking much more polished and complete. Here are some key tips to keep in mind when it comes to your actual design.

Plant big to small. This is important not just from a design and aesthetic perspective. It also makes sense logistically- if you decide to put a tree in your garden later, you’ll end up doing damage to what’s already been planted. Start big.

Utilize repetition. If a particular plant looks good in your yard, there is no reason to just use one or two. Planting them in bulk can have a great visual impact.
If you ever get confused about what to plant, be sure to look local and native first- those are the plants that have worked for thousands of years. And remember that design is subjective, so have fun with it.

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