Maryland Spring Yard Checklist

Spring is finally here! While it may not feel like spring, March 20th marks the first day of the season. It’s the time of year when everything starts to turn green again and all plant life grows vigorously. Follow this Maryland spring yard checklist to help your yard thrive during the spring growing season.

Maryland Spring Clean-up Service

Get your Tools Ready

We always tell people to check their tools over the winter when it’s the off-season. It’s what we do here. If you didn’t check your tools over the winter, hurry up and do it now to beat the spring rush. The last thing you want to have happen is go to grab your shovel or rake and discover it has rusted or is splintering.

Prevent Crabgrass

Here in Maryland, we suggest applying your crabgrass pre-emergent at some point in March. Don’t rely on the forsythia to tell you when is best to apply your pre-emergent; it’s a good signal but it’s not perfect. Most pre-emergents remain viable on your lawn for up to 90 days so spread them in March and you’ll be covered against any crab-grass germination until the summer.

Clear your Yard of Debris

Now that winter is starting to go away (hopefully at least) it’s time to clear off your yard from any debris hiding underneath the snow. Not only will this make your yard safe for your Maryland lawn mowing service, it also helps your grass grow uninhibited. If debris is left on your grass for too long and the grass remains too wet, it can lead to damaging turf diseases.

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Prune your Plants

Spring is the time of year to prune any non spring-flowering plants. If you’re unsure of what to prune in the spring, it’s best to hire a Catonsville landscaping company to do this service for you so you don’t damage any plants. With proper pruning, your plants will live longer, look better, and you will have better air-flow in your yard so shorter plants such as flowers or grass can breathe.

Seed your Lawn

If you’re one to seed your lawn, the best time of year for most Maryland lawns is in the fall, but the spring is still a great time to seed as well. If you have some bare spots or weedy patches, use this spring to seed these areas of your lawn. If you’re familiar with the best way to seed your lawn, get in touch with your local Maryland landscape maintenance company and have them help you.

Plan Your Gardens

Spring is a perfect time to start planning out your gardens. If you’re like us, you’ve actually been doing this all winter, but we may be a little more obsessed with landscaping than most. Take some time to consider what plants and vegetables you liked last year, and those which gave you trouble. Then, order your seeds early so you can begin growing them indoors for transplanting.

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Mowing the Lawn

Spring marks the first day of the year where you get to have your lawn mowed. Whether you mow your lawn yourself, or you contract with a Catonsville lawn mowing company, be sure you are mowing your lawn correctly. This means mowing your lawn high (over 3″ for tall fescue) and using a lawn mower with sharp mower blades.

For help with completing any or all of your spring yard maintenance tasks, get in touch with your local Catonsville landscaping service. Vin’s Total Care Landscaping is a licensed and insured Catonsville landscaping service with the experience and attention to detail to make your lawn and garden the best on the block. For a free estimate, give Vin’s a call at 443-851-1081 or fill out the form on our website today!

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