Why Sharp Mower Blades are Important

While mowing your lawn may seem like a straight-forward task, there are a surprising amount of finer details which can really help your lawn thrive. One example is your lawn mower blades. These are the part of your mower which cuts the grass; and if your blades aren’t sharp it can make a world of difference with the quality of your grass’ cut.

why sharp mower blades are important

Why Do I Need to Sharpen my Mower Blade?

The main reason you want to sharpen your mower blade is that it will give you a cleaner cut when mowing your lawn. Now, this will do two things. Aesthetically, your grass will look better; dull blades rip the grass and cause fraying which look horrible. Another reason a sharp blade is good for your lawn is that it prevents damage to your grass.

How Can a Dull Blade Damage my Grass?

A dull mower blade rips your grass as opposed to cutting it cleanly. Think of this as the difference between ripping a piece of paper and cutting it with a pair of scissors. When the grass blade is ripped, the ends of the blade of grass are left exposed with an open wound.

This ripped blade is more susceptible to damage from disease and will evaporate water much quicker. This puts the plant under stress which limits its ability to grow healthy. This snowball effect doesn’t stop there; as the grass plant’s growth is limited it can lead to dying off of plants or reduced weed prevention; either leads to an increased presence of weeds.

How Often Should I Sharpen my Mower Blades?

Believe it or not, mower blades should be sharpened at least once a year. For some home-owners, that number could be even twice a year. It depends on how large your yard is, and whether or not you inspect your yard for branches before mowing. Here at Vin’s Total Care Landscaping, we inspect all our equipment regularly, and sharpen blades quite often to ensure the sharpest cut for our Catonsville, MD lawn mowing service.

Why Hire a Professional Lawn Mowing Service

One major reason to hire a grass cutting service in Catonsville, MD is that you won’t have to worry about these finer details. By trying to save a little money and cutting your lawn yourself, it turns out you’ll end up having to do so much more than previously expected. If you end up skipping any of the best practices for cutting a lawn; it can lead to a damaging effect which will take your lawn years to recover from.

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