Should I Pick up Grass Clippings?

We’re sure you’ve had this discussion once or twice before with your father-in-law or neighbor down the street. Should you pick up your grass clippings? The answer isn’t simply cut-and-dry; there are times when leaving grass clippings is a good idea and others when you definitely need to bag those grass clippings.

Should I Pick up Grass Clippings?

Why Should I Leave my Grass Clippings?

First, why would you want to leave your grass clippings on your lawn? The turfgrass which makes up your lawn feeds off of a variety of nutrients: nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus being the main three. The reason you want to leave grass clippings on your lawn whenever possible is because those grass clipping are actually a natural source of nitrogen, which means free fertilizer!

What Does Nitrogen do for my Lawn?

The reason we want to increase nitrogen levels in your lawn is because nitrogen helps your grass grow lush and strong. Nitrogen is a key component in a plant’s ability to carry out photosynthesis, which is the process by which grass convert energy from the sun. In short, nitrogen makes your lawn grow thick and green and without adequate nitrogen your lawn will grow slow and look dull.

When is it Okay to Leave my Grass Clippings?

Now that we know why you want to leave your grass clippings, the next question is when can you do it? The truth is you shouldn’t ever want to bag your grass clippings. In fact, a perfect lawn will never actually need the grass clippings bagged at all. So, it makes more sense to talk about when you want to bag your grass clippings:

  • Grass is too long. If your grass has overgrown, you will want to bag your grass clippings. Too many grass clippings will lead to clumping and smother the lawn. In this instance; it’s best to bag the clippings to prevent damaging the lawn.
  • Lawn disease is present. Sometimes, lawns can develop a disease. When this happens we want to do what we can to prevent the spread and worsening of the disease. By bagging the clippings, we are reducing the spread of the disease as well as reducing conditions which diseases favor.
  • Weed seeds are present. If weeds are shooting up in the lawn, it’s best not to spread those seeds around. We see this most commonly in the spring. In this instance, it’s suggested to bag the grass clippings (and weed seeds) and dispose of the weed seeds away from your lawn.

If you’re not sure whether or not your grass clippings should remain on your lawn, or you’d simply rather not mow your lawn at all, get in touch with a local grass cutting service in Catonsville, MD. Vin’s Total Care Landscaping, LLC. is a Catonsville, MD lawn mowing service specializing in delivering the highest quality cuts at an affordable price. For more information, give Vin’s a call at 443-851-1081 or fill out the form on our website for a free quote, today!

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