Spring Cleaning for Your Lawn

Spring cleaning is a popular activity for many people across the United States. It’s a time where people open up the shades, dust usually unreachable surfaces, and get rid of things they don’t need. What people usually forget to do is to take their spring cleaning outdoors.

spring cleaning for lawn

Your lawn has been through a long winter and it needs a little TLC as well. Check out some of the things you can do for your lawn during your spring clean.

Remove Leaves & Debris

Those leaves that fell on the ground during the later part of the fall may still be sitting on your lawn come springtime. One place to start with your landscape’s spring cleaning is to get them removed. Your lawn will look brand new after having those unsightly dead leaves raked and discarded.

Removing debris from your lawn will not only help it look better but will also prevent anything from interfering with the growth of your plants. Clearing debris also helps protect young kids from encountering dangerous objects in your lawn.

Prune Hedges and Shrubs

Pruning plants is the practice of getting rid of crossed, damaged, or diseased branches. Not only does it benefit the plant but it also makes your landscape more aesthetically pleasing. The spring is a great time to start doing this because as plants start to bud with flowers, you can start to prune them to ensure that the plant is growing properly.

Plant New Flowers

The springtime is famous for bright colors and budding flowers. Make sure that your landscape matches the beauty inside of your freshly spring-cleaned home by planting bright flowers around your lawn. Nothing says “springtime” quite like vibrant, blooming flowers.

Mulch Your Landscape

Once you’ve cleared up all the leaves and debris, pruned your hedges, and planted new flowers in your landscape, you’re going to want to ensure that your hard work is protected. That’s where mulching comes in. Adding a layer of mulch to planting beds will help:

  • Prevent weeds
  • Retain moisture
  • Moderate soil temperature

Since adding mulch is a popular practice, you may have already added mulch to your yard last year. If this is the case, your mulch is probably looking a bit dry and faded. But don’t worry – you still may be able to use it. However, one thing you don’t want is a pile of mulch sitting on to of your flower bed. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also harm your plants. It is recommended that the layer of mulch should be no more than three inches deep. So if you have a thick layer of old mulch, it’s better to get rid of that first before laying down a new layer.

It can be hard to determine which type of mulch to buy, whether to reuse old mulch, or even how much mulch to put down. Sometimes it’s best to have a professional landscape company figure it out for you.

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