Spring Landscaping Design Tips

Looking to build a new landscape, or want to rework an existing one? Here are some spring landscaping design tips that will help you take that otherwise unsightly area of your yard and turn it into something truly amazing.

Spring Landscaping Design Tips

Plant in Odd Numbers

When planting larger plants such as perennials, trees, and shrubs, be sure to plant in odd numbers. This is one of the oldest design tricks in the book and it applies across multiple different areas of design. The reason we try to plant in odd numbers is that our eyes tend to focus on the center of something. With an odd number of plants, our eyes focus on the center plant; with an even number our eyes focus on the blank space in between plants.

Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers

This design principle applies commonly to container gardening, but it still has applications in landscape beds as well. Thrillers are tall, flashy plants, spillers are plants which can drape over the front of a container, and fillers are those plants which fill the space between the spillers and thrillers without taking too much attention. When you combine all three, you have a landscape bed that looks much more natural.

Plant in the Right Season

The time of year is extremely important for your plants. Before heading to the garden center in search of a few specific plants, be sure to do some research and figure out when the best planting season is for the plants you want. By planting each variety of flower or shrub at their ideal planting time, you can ensure your landscape will thrive for many years to come.

Consider Native Plants

Native plants are the best option for your landscapes. They offer the best levels of resistance and durability for your local conditions. For example, here in Maryland the black-eyed susan, moss phlox, and rhododendrons are perfect plants to use. For help with selecting the best native plants for your landscape, get in touch with a local Maryland landscaping company for more information.

Spring is the time to Dig

It you’re planning on doing a decent amount of digging, spring is going to be the best time of year for this activity, simply because the ground is softer. Your ground will be softest 2-3 days after a recent rain, so be sure to line this up with whenever you’d like to dig. This will not only give you the best soil conditions to work with, but also will prevent you from having to dig up wet soil which is much heavier.

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