The Emergence of Spring Weeds in Your Yard

Spring is coming in Maryland, and with it the grass is coming back full and lush, the flowers are beginning to sprout, and the trees are starting to bed. But along with the positive signs of life spring offers, comes the signs of a big problem in your yard, the emergence of spring weeds.

As the temperature warms weeds will begin to make their way into your yard, and if not dealt with quickly enough, will take root and become a big problem through the spring and summer. But, there are things you can do to prevent weeds from taking a stronghold in your yard, let’s look at some precautionary measures below.

Clear your Yard

First and foremost you can help prepare your yard for spring by clearing it if any debris that has accumulated over the winter. Sticks, rocks, branches, etc. Anything that is out of place or decaying (such as branches) could be carrying seeds of weeds, or providing them a place to grow and flourish. Not to mention this debris will not be helpful during your first mow. If you are not in a position to clear your yard or treat it yourself, contact a professional to come do it for you.

Where are the Weeds?

Sometimes, weeds take hold in a certain area of your yard. This will be because the environmental conditions (soil, air-flow, moisture level, grass presence, mulch, etc…) make it so the weeds can grow easier. Focusing on this factor will help you in identifying the type of weed you’re seeing sprout this spring.

Contact a Professional

Contacting a professional lawn care company is the best precautionary measure you can take when preventing weeds and caring for your lawn. Not only can a lawn care company pretreat your lawn with weed killer, it can also protect your flower beds from weeds without killing your newly budding flowers. A professional company will not only pretreat, but also spot treat as needed.

In addition, if weeds are a big problem in your yard or have been in the past, you can work closely with your lawn care company to address the problem head on and come up with solutions. You can also rest easy knowing a professional company will treat and kill the weeds, and not your flowers or landscaping. It may be tempting to do it yourself, but the risk of damaging your lawn or shrubbery is not worth it in the long run!

If you are concerned about your yard in the coming weeks and are dreading a weed problem, call us at Vin’s Total Care Landscaping today to talk about pretreating your lawn, and scheduling your first mow of the season. We will work with you to make sure your lawn and garden needs are met, keeping your home and yard in tip top shape throughout the year. Call us today to discuss your Catonsville, MD lawn care needs!

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