This is Why You Need Mulching

Whether you’re planting a garden or laying a new string of bushes, mulch is going to be an essential part of the puzzle. Though you may have used it many times in the past, you may not know why. Knowing is half the battle, so let’s take a look at what mulch is and what it does exactly so that you can make better use of it.

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Mulch Matters for Your Garden

Mulch is an essential part of landscape maintenance. The primary purpose of mulch is to cover the soil. Now, covering the soil has several benefits that will help your plants and your landscaping on the whole.

  1. Retaining Moisture- Plants need water and sunlight to thrive, as you probably already know. One of the biggest benefits to adding mulch to your garden is that mulch will help the soil retain water.
  2. Gives Structure- Scientists have found that adding mulch to your landscaping will help reduce erosion and support the land as you build on it. This can be invaluable to places that rest on a hill.
  3. Weed Control- Mulch can also help with controlling the growth of weeds. Like all plants, weeds need sunlight to live. The mulch can prevent them from being able to get started with their dirty business.
  4. Organic Mulch Makes Happy Soil- Organic mulch can help to infuse the soil with nutrients that will make it better for your flowers, bushes, or anything else.

Which Kind of Mulch is Right for Your Landscape?

So, now that you know you want to add mulch to your garden, you might be wondering what kind of mulch is going to be best for you. Here’s some of the top mulches:

Shredded or Chipped Bark – Though it won’t feed the soil like other types of mulch, bark doesn’t need to be replaced as often as the more degradable types.

Chopped Leaves – Not only are they readily available during the fall, they’re also highly nutritious for the soil. Unlike bark, chopped leaves will break down quickly and will need to be replaced often.

Cocoa Hulls – These are on the more expensive side, but they’re very good at retaining moisture. They’re also quite attractive. However, they are dangerous for pets, so avoid them if you have dogs or other animals that like to play in the yard.

Vin’s Landscaping Can Help You Get Mulched!

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