Winter Yard Maintenance

The arrival of winter means a halt in most outdoor growth so it’s perfectly fine to neglect your yard until spring arrives, right? Think again! Colder temperatures do put a lot of growth on hold, but that doesn’t mean your yard doesn’t need a little tender love and care. Here are some yard maintenance tips for ensuring successful growth come springtime.

frosty leaves

Cut the grass short.

Lower the cutting base of your mower gradually over the last few weeks of summer. This allows your grass to adjust more easily to cold temperatures, as cutting it all off at once can shock it.

Grass that is left long during the winter will make a great home for burrowing animals that are looking for a place to sleep, which is good for them, but not so good for you. Their nests and presence in general can create dead spots in your lawn.

Aerate & fertilize the lawn.

Before first frost, have your lawn aerated. This allows your lawn the chance to breathe a bit before the growth halts, and fertilizing after aerating provides your grass with the necessary nutrients it needs for winter.

Apply mulch around trees and plants.

Give your trees and shrubs an added layer of protection by adding mulch before the first frost. Even a 2-inch layer of mulch can significantly reduce water loss and can help maintain soil temperature.

Keep leaves raked.

You’ll sometimes get leaves falling well into December, so making sure they are aren’t left to sit on top of your lawn is vital. Layers of leaves trap moisture in your lawn and mold is likely to grow once the snow and ice begin to pile on top of the leaves.

Avoid yard traffic.

Your snow-covered lawn can handle a moderate amount of traffic, but a heavily used path through even dormant grass can lead to stunted and slower growth of those areas of your lawn once spring comes.

Avoid salt damage.

Ice-melting agents like salt can hurt your trees and plants by drawing water away from their roots. Lower the risk of salt damage by flushing soil and areas of your yard exposed to it with water throughout the season.

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