Yard Maintenance Tips for Summer

Warm weather is on the way and soon we’ll all be stepping outside into our yards for some well-deserved sunlight. With a few tips for summer yard maintenance, you can make the view even better with a new and improved landscape. Here are a few helpful tips to keep your yard looking fresh for summer.

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A Trimmed Lawn is a Happy Lawn

A well-maintained lawn is a beautiful thing, but keeping it looking its best is no small feat. The obvious maintenance items here are to mow and water your lawn periodically. Make sure that if you’re going to mow your lawn yourself, you don’t cut the grass too short. Leaving the grass a little longer in the summer can help provide shade to the soil, which will reduce water evaporation, and allow your grass to put down deeper roots and become healthier.

You should also have your soil aerated to allow air to get into the root systems of your grass and help them grow. However, the time of year you’re meant to aerate your lawn depends on the type of grass you have, so it’s often best to call on a local landscaping company for the best results.

Clutter Can Spell Trouble for Your Yard

When clutter is left out in your yard, it can not only keep your landscape from looking its best, but it can also cause damage to your lawn. Though placing a kiddie pool out and having fun for a day won’t kill your grass, leaving that pool out there for a few days or even weeks could leave a large dead patch. Pets and their waste can also harm your grass, though this type of waste is pretty unavoidable for many pet owners. After your pets do their business, always pick up after them.

You can also rinse the areas where they urinate to reduce the damage to your grass and encourage your pet to choose the same spots every time. There are commercial products available that can help you avoid unsightly lawn stains as well, but always talk with a vet before moving forward with one in order to ensure the safety of your pets.

Call a Landscaping Company You Can Trust

The best way to get on top of your landscaping is to work with a team of experts. Vin’s Total Care Landscaping is a Catonsville, MD landscaping company that’s here to provide you with everything you need to add a new patio, create new flowerbeds, add a walkway, and more. We can even address any drainage problems that you might encounter during heavy summer storms. We’re ready to take your landscaping to the next level.

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